Hunzinger Credit: “Why, Mr. Özdemir?”

Dozens of emails and guestbook entries on Cem Özdemir Homepage: Disappointment with the Greens and the special relationship is great.

For the Greens is the loan affair Cem Özdemir officially clarified. This was acknowledged that a mistake had been to assume a favorable personal loan from PR consultant Moritz Hunzinger, the Green Party National Chairman Fritz Kuhn said. Seen, repent – done? While Kuhn dismisses the business of Swabia as “political folly”, remains for many Özdemir sympathizers and Green voters more than a “Gschmäckle” back. “Man man man, why, Mr. Özdemir?” Is one of the friendly questions in the guestbook of the Ludwigsburg Greens, who a homepage set up.
Black Monday for employees in Abgeordnetenbüro Cem Özdemir. Even when they answer the phone, it sounds “office Cem Özdemir” after doomsday. How many emails have arrived at the weekend and on Monday to “credit affair”, overlooks no one in the afternoon?

Cem Özdemir: “Teuerster Loan of My Life”

Sure, the Schwabe Turkish origin sees regularly confronted with evil emails and guestbook entries – preferably from the extreme right. But this time everything is different. Not the usual suspects, but “serious” senders give their anger, including many Greens supporters and members. While party leader Kuhn emphasizes an affair of the Greens could not be made from the operation Özdemir, some senders of “Hunzingergate” talk.

Green Aurich are acidic

Özdemir that maintained contacts with Hunzinger company triggers horror as the Greens Kreisverband Aurich. The East Frisian countryside thank the “cost Cem” for the “active support in our campaign.” Equally ironic is the poem of a sender’s name reads “Albert Einstein:” I’m so naive, my heart is pure, but the interest rate is incredibly small “When Green was Özdemir now” ineligible “.. Tobias quick quips that he had just talked to Moritz (Hunzinger). “But he will be no advance me. What is the magic phrase? ”

however, is in no mood for jokes Rainer Strzolka, by its own account in 20 years Green voters. “Never again”, he will give the party his voice. Whether now a dependent relationship did not exist or: Just because Özdemir previously considered many citizens as an integer, the disappointment is huge in its special relationship with Hunzinger. Who are well-intentioned towards Özdemir, certifies, after all, he had been “fair” or hold him for a “bona fide” politicians. So one is Arndt Nellen: “Too bad, too bad, Mr. Ozdemir, we risk losing really good parliamentarians!”

Little understanding, irony

Others are less sensitive. An anonymous writer is very angry: “The representatives of the people, Latin, gay provisions, characterized that the people of this insurance money and that sold the people with his insurance stupid: homo corruption, different from the ordinary representatives in Latin.”

Rarely, however, someone reacts so understanding how Thomas, who admits having come to a favorable credit even three years ago – through good relations. If you have the ability to inexpensively reach a loan, then, of course, you reach for, he writes.

Özdemir’s employees nor discuss a strategy on how to respond appropriately to as much outrage and anger to regain confidence. Özdemir even wants to give any interviews about this subject for now. He had adequately explained at the weekend and on Monday morning, says his colleague David Koschel. “There’s nothing new.” All the same, the book remains even the most hostile entry stand if he is not of criminal relevance.

A good but seems to have Özdemir’s misstep: The Greens want to teach newcomers the fraction of the political rules when dealing with consultants as Hunzinger after the election. Özdemir would be well advised to take these matters into her own hands. Such tutoring could be politically much more valuable than admit mistakes and to donate the Berlin Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims money.